Broken Spirit

Short version:
Currently stuck back in Rakata/Tionese/Columni gear for a Set Bonus that is absolute crud because the person playing the class (aka me) obviously doesn’t know better. -_-

Missing my Elegant Dress. Frustrated with HM EC (and the fact that I can only get the Set Bonus from Campaign and if I get lucky enough to have the Consular gear drop + win it). Sick of having like no credits.

My birthday is in about 10 minutes has started by the time I finished writing this and I was looking forward to having an endless party on the fleet (just a little one tonight and most of the day tomorrow), but now I just want to curl up into a ball and cry out of frustration.

Long version:

Just… I’ve played this class. I know what it can do. I’ve had the set bonus–it sucks. 50 Force isn’t a big deal, that small extra percentage of force does absolutely nothing. You know what would’ve been a GOOD 4 set bonus? Making it so you wouldn’t lose Health like how Noble Sacrifice originally worked if you did it correctly. I mean, I can deal with (as stupid as it is) the no longer being able to reduce the time on Deliverance (For those who do not know or have forgotten why it is stupid, the Sage is supposed to be the “primary” healing class and yet it’s the healing class that gets the longest cast time on their main heal. Every other class has cast time of 2 seconds. Deliverance is 2.5 (you used to be able to shorten it by a second with your rotation…they killed that). Mine is technically 2.3, but still frustrating.

Heck, we got the closest the one time I was still in my main outfit set. I still tried my hardest every time, but that should say something, like, oh, I don’t know, the fact it does absolutely nothing?

As it is, I’m stuck with it because I “need” my Set Bonus everytime we do hard mode. Though, even if I was told I could switch back, I can not afford to. I won’t be able to afford to for quite a long time, actually, as it’s about 600K to do so.

But it wasn’t my fault we lost. I didn’t need the set bonus to be “better” because it makes no difference really. If anything, people need to stop somehow getting fearful on the otherside, the red circles need to stop glitching, and we need to work out positioning. While the tanks are at a better position from me so I can heal more so without being hit so much, they may not be in the best position overall and sometimes the position for HM doesn’t always work for Normal.

Of course, it doesn’t help that we are constantly compared to the old group that would do it. And that we’re the newest members in the group we are in. I never found the old group that great besides a couple of people and I don’t believe they did much differently, but on the otherhand, there could’ve been some minor changes in the fight too. We also didn’t have our main tank either. And despite the fact that we were told how the old group had gotten this fight down without Augments, everyone is required to have their gear fully augmented by tomorrow. While I have my gear all set, my boyfriend does not and I can’t afford to buy the slicing things and Overkill Augments (Afterall, I can’t make those–I did make him some Might). Special thanks to a friend who gave me two Might Augments for him which helped finish up the Might he needed.

I tried asking for some advice and overall, the issue may not be my fault at all. But it sure feels like there is some blame on me…especially considering the horrible outfit I’m stuck in.

I’m just upset, frustrated, and I really am not looking forward to doing HM EC. I want to complete it, sure, but doing it in a way that isn’t fun (This ugly outfit for a set bonus I don’t need and constantly being compared for no reason), it’s hard to have any motivation.

*sighs* I wish there was another way to get Campaign gear. (And yes, I know Nightmare Pilgrim technically drops a piece..but only that same piece.)

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