Just Gear Listings…

More or less what I still need and where I can get it:

Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 * – May make my Surge too high so may need to stick with 25 or switch some other stuff around (Possibly a Crit and Surge to Crit and Alacrity (Insight) or a Power and Surge to Power and Alacrity (Quick Savant)) Anyway, What it’s gotten from
Advanced Quick Savant 26 – Pretty much priority to replace my 25 one. What it’s gotten from
Advanced Insight Enhancement 26 – Not sure if I need any right now, but juuuust in case, What it’s gotten from

Advanced Mettle Mod 26 – I still need 3 26’s–I do have the 25’s for now. This may make my Crit too high though which would mean switching to some Advanced Adept or Advanced Quick Savant enhancements: What it’s gotten from

Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 – Still need 6 more of these. What it’s gotten from. However, considering the whole attached to Armoring thing with Campaign, I may just need 2 (As hat, chest, skirt, boots, and gloves would be using that so just the Belt and Bracers would need to be taken care of)… I really need to go purchase 2 of these already 🙁

And of course, I still need an Advanced Resolve Hilt 26 which has to be taken from Campaign Force-Mystic’s Lightsaber (Gotten from HM Kephess).

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