And with that…

The final page is up. I know not everything listed is currently available–some who knows when they will come out and others for 1.2, but I wanted to list them regardless. At the very least, it does help. For example, I would need roughly 4,200,000 Credits in order to get all the speeders currently in the game before the price goes up. That’s probably not going to happen though…however, I am trying really hard to get the Baron which is 2 million of that price which leaves only roughly 2,200,000 Credits left.

If I added the final bank slot, that’s 400K more. And of course, I definitely want 200K for Taunta and maybe an extra 100K for repairs and things like that.

And of course, if I did add on the white crystal and purple crystal, which is an extra 2,750,000 Credits… yeah.

So, total is:
4,200,000 (Speeders)
400,000 (Bank)
300,000 (Taunta + Safety amount)
+2,750,000 (Crystals)

Yep. Honestly, if I could, I’d love to have 10 million just on the side and ready–get all that out of the way and then be able to fully focus on 1.2. Supposedly you’d need about 11 million to unlock everything Legacy-wise, but I don’t care too much about getting all the races unlocked. I probably will just unlock the Imperial Zabrak and the Twi’lek to unlock more colors.

So, if we added in the currently listed Legacy prices (ignoring that I really need to get to Legacy 35, if anything)…
3,000,000 (Races)
250,000 (Legacy Alignment Attack)
250,000 (Mailbox)
1,000,000 (Repair Droid)
500,000 (Both Training Dummies)
5,000,000 (Neutral Trade Network)
300,000 (3 Fleet Pass levels)
300,000 (3 Quick Travel Levels)
+ 5,000,000 (Speed Boost)

Yep… That’s more than 11 million so I know those prices are outdated (or heck, maybe the 11 million is. For crying out loud, all may be outdated before 1.2 comes).

So, for max safety, I’d probably want to have 16 million by 1.2. If we could the Math from before… 20 million before 1.2 to get stuff out of the way and be ready for that. …unfortunately, there’s no way that is going to happen.

Priority-wise, I really want all the ship stuff the most which is a total of 7 million. After that, probably the Fleet Pass, Quick Travel, and Speed Boost stuff as I’m not too ready for more alts yet (besides my Sorcerer) and that’s what the races would be for.

But yes, a girl can dream, I suppose.

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