If there is one thing I hate…it’s when people quit and/or give up. I hate when we go through raids or flash points or something and decide it’s “too hard” and just stop. There’s time left. Frustration isn’t an excuse. Deal with it and try your best and let’s make it happen until you need to sleep or have something else you need to do.

But it especially happens in PVP. If someone thinks something is a lost cause and they leave, that’s stupid and pathetic and cowardly. And if they don’t leave, sometimes they’ll just sit and watch.

We had a wonderful person come in and pretty much say “so, it’s been losses all day, no point in trying”. And it’s like, really? It’s not the first time I had to deal with them being a complete butt head (the first time, they pretty much said since I had no gear, I shouldn’t PVP 😀 …which really makes no sense when you think about it).

We got left first. If people came and held off middle some more rather than giving up, we could’ve won.

And even when they got it? At that point, more people gave up saying how it was a lost cause and just sat over by left. I killed several people while being attacked and just healing myself. There was no reason we couldn’t have had people come and gotten middle back or even right if people tried.

But people just left and some just didn’t care despite the fact that there were a few of us trying.

So, great job guys. I get to have my eyes tear up with frustration because you people are too stupid to try–with something we probably could’ve won, no less. You gave up when there was still plenty of time to recover.

And no, I don’t care if you got 5 medals the next match–you got it by forgetting what the point was. Ironically, it might be called PVP, but the Warzones do have objectives and I think people forget to focus on them.

And I’m so sick of people like them.

What ever happened to trying? Losing happens. At least you tried your best rather than just sitting there and being stupid. Hope I never run into any of you again.

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