The longest mission

So, in an attempt to cheer me up, my boyfriend suggested we finish up Chapter 1 on two of our alts. We were in Alderaan (And I have to admit, while I was kind of iffy about Vector, there are some interesting things about him–like his trident. His trident is awesome.) and finishing up there… still sad I didn’t get to have dinner with the Akk Dogs. Akk Dogs are awesome. Stupid backstabbing baroness. Though, the actual stabbing of her by her husband (or well, their army I guess) was a bit surprising.

Moving on, Cellïna’s end of class story mission was ridiculously long. I think it was like an hour between getting there, the HUGE cutscene, the 3-4 fights, and the amount to do in the middle. I’m sure it is shorter if you pick the darkside options, but Cellïna doesn’t let people die, okay? XP

As if the urgency over HEYTHESHIPISGOINGTOEXPLODE wasn’t enough, we then got an alert that the game was going down in 15 minutes. I’m expecting either some fixes to the lag issues and/or the GTN.

Unfortunately, while we did finish mine, my boyfriend’s was unable to be completed (as we ran out of time).

Regardless, our characters are a bit underleveled so we will probably need to go back and hit the things we skipped 🙁

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