Server Transfers

Well, server transfers have been going on recently. People have been excited about their new servers and switching and things.

…and to be honest, I’m not.

I didn’t expect them to do the servers like they are. So, while I originally was sure that Corellian Run–one of the most balanced and a nicely populated server (and the server I happen to be on!) would definitely be a Destination Server. But now? I’m not so sure. And that terrifies me.

Our server is definitely not the best populated. But it has a nice population. Enough to take care of things and get places. And yet, small enough that so many of us know each other. Enough that we can talk in General chat and get a good amount of discussion going, but small enough that it won’t go so fast that we’ll miss things.

But most people don’t feel that way. Most people are tired of seeing the same people in PVP (despite this being a PVE server anyway..). And while the conversations are nice, they don’t find it enough.

And so people have said (and considering how it’s gone so far, it seems like it might happen) if Corellian Run is an Origin server, they’re moving.

And I really don’t want to move. I don’t want to leave Corellian Run. But there isn’t much I can do all alone is there?

But there are so many negatives to a big populated server–I’ve been on the biggest servers before. And it’s not that great. While you can also find these issues on smaller servers, they usually are much more abundant in more popular servers. Some of these problems are:
1. Immaturity (I remember when we first joined Corellian Run, we were surprised that everyone was so mature and most conversations were just really nice and friendly. There wasn’t much (and it was rare there was) cursing at people and yelling and whining at all)
2. Kill-stealing
3. Lines. Get to a world boss and time to wait…
4. Similarly, chances of a World Boss being down = high.
5. Which also means things like the Unusual Egg = pain.
6. Inflation. More people = more credits going around = higher prices. And for someone like me who can barely afford anything…
7. Large amounts of people = chat may be hard to keep up with. Which stinks if you’re someone who likes to talk to people.
8. Not to mention with the server transfers, there’s a high chance you may need to change your character(s’) and/or legacy names.

Yes, maybe you’ll get queues done faster, but is patience so bad? :/ I can’t say there’s ever been a time where I didn’t get something within an hour (and that’s pushing it–within 30 minutes or less would be better) except times where I knew pretty much nobody was on (5AM for example). As for another positive, you could meet new people (though, it’s harder when conversation goes so fast) and things can be discovered faster (afterall, the first Taunlet was found on The Fatman–one of the biggest servers in the game). It’d be nice to know about the Orochick/Wonderous Egg/Wondrous Egg sooner.

…but I don’t know if finding things out quicker is worth it enough. I don’t feel like it is. And even if I did join Corellian Run due to finding it the prettiest name out of all the PVE East Coast Servers… I’ve really become attached to it and I don’t want to see it go.

so…I guess, I hope, if SWTOR does anything with it (I’m okay if they don’t even if new people would always be nice. I like making friends), I hope it’s a Destination Server. Because I don’t want to be all alone. …but I don’t want to leave my server home either.

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