Probably what I needed

After my last entry, it was pretty interesting that I received a whisper about Lost Island shortly after. They asked if I was DPS in which I replied I wasn’t and could not really go DPS spec and wasn’t familiar with it. To my surprise, they responded saying they could switch to DPS if I wanted to heal and asked what my condition was (I had put Lost Island HM (1 Condition) as my LFG thing because if it happened again, I’d rather not think of what would happen if it did…and I do know some of my guildmates (heck, even my boyfriend) do really want it too and probably wouldn’t pass). They said it was no issue and thus, the group was made.

And we finished in roughly 20 minutes (a little less–probably would’ve been even lesser, but despite making it so we could skip the Rhino, they decided to do it for the heck of it). I died once (My fault–lagged when the guy was doing his smash. Apologized repeatedly.) and that was it–they even still beat the guy despite the fact I died. The tank died at the end once (I resurrected him very quickly though and kept everyone else up so we didn’t wipe. Not sure what made his health drop so fast), but in general, everyone lived and did fine. We had 2 Sages (myself and one DPS) and 2 Knights (Guardian Tank and Sentinel DPS–the Sentinel being who the person who whispered me switched to) and despite the extra Melee, that was probably the most painless Robot attempt I’ve done. Nobody died, everyone was usually at full health (few instances where I got out of range so some people’s health would drop a bit then), and it just went really well. I mean, people’s health bars were usually above 70-80% for the most part. Usually never less than 50% except on the rare occasion. Heck, I only had force problems once or twice too.

I don’t know what they did differently. It didn’t feel much different than other runs other than going a bazillion times faster and less death (which there were only 2 and neither caused a wipe). I’m not sure what gear they had either, but it was just…surprising and ridiculous and painless. And I even got a message from the Sentinel-healer-person that they would love to run it with me again (unfortunately, I couldn’t respond before they had to go, but I did send them mail!) and I probably needed that as it made me feel like maybe I’m not such a failure after all.

Now if the pet dropped too, I think that would’ve been a miracle. But despite the fact that it didn’t, I feel a lot more okay now.

In a slightly more down note, My computer probably desperately needs an update. Despite having turned everything down to the lowest settings (due to some lag issues), I was still lagging steadily throughout the robot boss and random parts after. Even running through the fleet, with everything as low as possible, I am having issues. Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade it yet (I can’t afford to)–but I really can’t always play on my laptop either 🙁 Just not sure what to do in the meantime.

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