Orobirds (Continued) and PVP

So, to start, the Orobird mystery has gotten even bigger beyond just the incubator issue. There has been a confirmation for more than one. I’m guessing besides the Unusual Egg, it’s also the Wondrous and Mysterious Eggs. The Orobird egg is most likely just a data-mined thing. I mean, obviously, it could just be one other egg, maybe not both, or it could even be an egg that’s not even known yet.

The question now is if the eggs are all on Alderaan or if the other one(s) are on [a] different planet(s). Regardless, I had enough mysteries with the incubator and Tauntaun–knowing there’s more Orobirds (and on 8 hour times no less) just makes me more stressed. On the bright side, they are tradeable, so hopefully I could get people to camp places.

Moving on to PVP, I’m 64 and slowly making my way to 65 today. I need to get a total of 4 of the Sorveigns (1 for myself, 3 for friends) which will sadly take a bit due to commendation caps (otherwise I’d surely have enough) and the fact that Mercenary are a pain to get in themselves.

While I’m not a PVP expert, I’ve noticed most losses are due to either being put against people who are obviously better geared and/or should be on a PVP server or silly mistakes. I don’t think I’m good at PVP, but I’d like to think I’ve improved in these last few weeks of grinding the horribleness that it is. So, I decided to put up some things I’ve learned in each of them.

Hutt Ball:
The main issue with Hutt Ball is the fact that it’s incredibly hard to earn medals while actually trying to follow the objectives (Thankfully, this changes in 1.2). Because of this, people have the tendency to forget the actual point of the game–to get the ball to the other team’s goal and score a total of 6 points or just have more points than the other team before the match ends.

Helpful tips:

  • Keep an eye out for team mates. While Passing is hard (so many stuns), it can sometimes help a lot, even if it’s just to allow you to heal back up.
  • Similarly, it doesn’t hurt, if you know your team is following the next bullet on this list, to throw your ball to absolutely no one.
  • Control the middle and where the ball spawns. When a team scores and/or when a pass fails, the ball is respawned by at center. You should always have 2-3 people in the middle. When one takes the ball, have someone replace them if there aren’t people still there and have that one person switch out whenever the original instated middle-people have the ball. (Obviously, if they pass, they can always run back) There is no reason every single person needs to run after the ball carrier. And if the middle is controlled correctly, someone could get a complete scoring streak just by having that one person on the team grab it and continue a chain before someone else can.
  • If possible, make a chain of people to throw to. This isn’t always possible (pushes and death don’t really help), but if people are quick enough, passing along to the goal can be a huge life saver and make things go very quickly (but you probably won’t get many, if any, medals this way until 1.2).
  • Look out for sages! Not only to push them if they are on the other team (unless it’s me. Be nice to me. PVP is like torture to me), but because they could pull you. However, remember it has a 1 minute cooldown so it can’t just be used whenever.
  • If you fall into a pit, your focus’ (after doing your best to stay alive) should always be if there is a sage around to pull you or if someone is near the endzone before trying to walk all the way back. It’s not always necessary and can cost the ball.

Civil War:
This is probably one of the games where you need to move around the most. It’s not necessarily hard, but it really puts a lot of stress into speed and making sure you can take on people properly.

  • The best plan is to send 2 left (right if Imperial), everyone mid, and maybe 1 person right (left if Imperial) to help stall. Obviously, if you know your players are geared enough, you can experiment.
  • The best group to go cap is a Jedi Consular (Force Speed) and someone with a speed boost (For example, Sentinels have Transcendence). Have the speed booster use it near the consular, then jump off and use Force speed to head towards a ramp leading up to the platform. Jump over the little fence and keep your cursor out until it’s yellow letting you know you can click and click ASAP. This should usually help you get the turret before the other side so if middle is a complete stalemate, you should win. (If the other team is ahead, the pressure is on you to get middle as otherwise they will win by just a few seconds) This is why the second person needs to make sure they can stall and keep the others off the consular claiming.
  • You do not need to be right up next to the turret to claim. While it may seem safer and less easy to get hit, which are true in some cases, sometimes doing it a bit away from the turret will cause you to avoid some attacks and still be out of sight.
  • Always fight and keep your eye on the turret! DO NOT CHASE. Last thing you want is someone to sneak in because you are focused on an enemy in the opposite direction or decided to run out and get your kill.
  • If you do manage to get 2 turrets (or even all 3), the best thing to do is have 4 middle and 2 on each side. The 4 can be in the tunnel if you have right over middle, but it helps if people can run back and forth as needed. If you have middle and a side, 2 people should be on the side and at least 3 middle with once again, others just running as needed.
  • Sneaking isn’t bad. If you see them all rushing to help grab something, trying to sneak off towards one they have isn’t bad. Just do your best to sneak in and maybe you’ll score a surprise victory.

This is probably the smallest warzone and also the shortest when it comes to lasting the full time (though, it’ll probably go even quicker when 1.2 happens unless you’re just doing crazy speed runs in Hutt Ball). It has two rounds–one with you attacking and trying to plant the bombs and the other with your team trying to prevent them from planting the bombs.

  • If you are attacking, always try to plant (unless you see someone doing it already–then try stalling). Maybe try switching sides. It helps to tell most people to go one side while others (usually stealth) can sneak to the other. If you don’t try and just focus on killing all the time, you won’t progress and that puts a lot more pressure on the defense phase.
  • If are defending, keep your eyes on the door at all times. It also helps to fight on it as they can’t plant if they are getting hit.
  • If only one bridge is up, try running under the stairs on the other side and heading towards the other door. Sometimes it can slip someone’s mind to protect it and that could score you a quick bomb planting.
  • It is possible to jump the middle gap using force speed (though hard) and possible to hit the terminal for the bridge from nearly any part of the terminal.
  • Like with the turrets in Civil War, you do not need to be right up next to something in order to plant or use something. And in this case, it’s usually a lot more helpful not to be right there next to it.

But most of all, and this is for all of them, DON’T GIVE UP. Them scoring once/planting once/grabbing a turret or two does not mean the end of game. I’ve seen people get all 3 right when the other team was about to win and turn it around. It’s not impossible if you keep putting the effort into it.

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