If there’s one thing I learned over the time I played this game, I learned there’s a lot of “lingo” to it. And while I think some are stupid, it does help to know what they mean. Most I knew from old IM days, but some were just completely knew for me and a few came from WoW, which just made….no sense to me.

For example, “Squishy” which apparently is used to mean you get killed easily and can not last long. When I hear that term, I think of Jello or maybe a giant plushie, not someone’s character’s gear. The term actually really annoys me, if anything, because it seems stupid to reference such a thing. And Jello can be pretty durable when it wants to be.

The other term that really catches my eye is “Toon” instead of “Character” (Or “Avatar” if you prefer). While I understand Avatar not being used with so many series using the term now, Toon…Why? Whenever I heard that, the game that comes to mind is ToonTown (which also did dancing before WoW for all you people who feel WoW did everything first) which you really do make “Toons”. It seems silly not to call them characters and I can’t really take people seriously when they are referring to their “toon”.

But yes, here are a list of some other terms I learned throughout playing these games (maybe so I can remember them):
Zerg – Rush/Charge
LFG – Looking for group
mt – Mistell/Mistype
LF#M – Looking for however many members to join a group.
omw – On my way
r – Ready
g2g/gtg – Because Got to Go was apparently not good enough for this, it had to also be used to mean Good to go.
Pat – Patrol/Enemy walking/passing by
CC – Stuns.
Kiting – Essentially making the enemy or whatever chase you around. Similar to tag–except them catching you usually leads to death.
Pulls – Enemy Groups/Groups that aren’t bosses
Adds – Additional enemies–usually referred to ones that spawn after you hit the initial group or ones a boss spawns.

I’ll probably add more of them as it continues…let’s just hope there won’t be too many.

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