Not how you greet someone

So, I was talking to one of the guildmates who I still feel I’m on good terms with more or less. I asked him how the guild said their HM run went today. He told me they did 1/4 and if I wanted to know more, I could always hop on Mumble and ask our Guild Leader. Due to the fact that I have been feeling…pretty iffy about all this, I said that I really didn’t need to know more and I wouldn’t want to bother.

He responded saying they’re just PVPing and I wouldn’t be a bother at all. Considering how he was one of the few people who said he’d miss me if I quit as I brought something different to the guild, I decided to pop into Mumble for him. He greeted me with a “Hello” and a “How are you?” which was really nice. I answered and was interrupted then by our guild leader asking if my schedule was going to be less floaty soon. I responded that it depends on how my mom’s visit upstate goes. He responded saying how in 2 weeks he’s hoping to do 16-man EC and that he’ll be incredibly critical of me because I’ve done it before.

I responded that I had only done 16-man HM (though, I have done the 1st boss of 16-man EC normal) and he responded that he meant HM so I mentioned I hadn’t completed 8-man HM so I wouldn’t know how to compare it and he pretty much shrugged that off. He then went on to say how two weeks ago, if they had their 3 top DPS, they probably could’ve went all the way and how every other DPS were levels below those 3 and that whenever they had to use one it was “tricky” to figure out what to do.

…so…. I get on Mumble for the first time in weeks for most of you (I was on it late the other night talking to 2 friends and helping them with the event), I get a greeting from one person and I am pretty much told how all this pressure is on me for 16-man HM EC, everything will be my fault if it gets screwed up, and that all your other DPS suck in comparison to your prime 3? Are you serious?

What a wonderful new greeting. I should keep that in mind. -_-

anyway, if I wasn’t upset before, I now feel even more own in the dumps. This is just…ugh.

2 thoughts on “Not how you greet someone

  1. I often tell myself once an mmorpg stop being fun, and start being stresfull, if the game isnt to fault, then its the people i have surrounded myself with. time to bail!


    • You’re not the only one to say that 😛 I addressed a lot of it here, actually. Main issue with bailing is:
      1. I’d feel bad. Even though once we got close to HM EC, everything went to heck… before that things were nice and we wouldn’t have gotten as geared (and I wouldn’t have gotten up to date with Pets) without them. I also made some friends who haven’t sucked too.
      2. We’d still see them. Which is just super awkward.

      It’s like no matter what, it won’t really fix itself and I’m kind of at a loss in that sense 🙁


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