Free to Play revisited

I briefly touched upon this before, but felt like talking a bit more about it again due to things I’ve seen. One thing I’ve noticed is people can’t seem to just enjoy the game without comparing it to a bazillion things. Who cares if it beats WoW or not. WoW is incredibly addictive–it was made that way. I, personally, never got into it, but I do know plenty of people who did.

Regardless, because people keep comparing it to WoW (and more often than not, things WoW didn’t come up with in the first place.), nobody is really looking at the game for itself. I’ve seen a lot of my friends quit WoW recently, expressing that the expansion seems “too cartoony” and a few people saying how they are heading towards Free to Play anyway. Just because they didn’t throw it on immediately doesn’t mean they’re not. And just because SWTOR did doesn’t mean it failed.

A lot of games have been going Free to Play. It’s not such a bad thing that is cursed or whatever. Many games have done even better due to it. But just like without being able to talk about the game with comparing it to someone else, people can’t seem to see Free to Play as anything but negative.

Personally, I’m fine regardless, but I wish people would stop being jerks about it.

As for the actual Free-to-Playness, I just hope there won’t be any obvious advantages or it won’t become a big thing of nearly everything costing Cartel Coins. I also hope they don’t do random boxes with special items (like mounts or pets) because I really hate those. v-v Hoping they come out with an unbind item feature though. So want these PVP Speeders out of my bank.

I know some people are thinking they are giving away too much which all 50 levels free…but we may have a level cap rise soon and I guess we’ll see how the unlock system goes.

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