Orochick vs. Orokeet + Taunlet

Well, I was asked to remake the Vanity Guide that had been on the forums as the old maker hadn’t updated in a long time and didn’t seem to be playing anymore (last logged in early July).

However, this got me to thinking about how much people tried to figure out how to hatch Orokeet and find Taunlet. What made Taunlet difficult is even though people guessed the hint right away (2 planets–Hoth and Alderaan), people were still questioning due to Jerky not being very obtainable for most.

Everything had become a clue, people even tried looking off planet and eventually, it was figured out.

With the Orokeet, the egg was found easily enough, but hatching it had been the issue. People tried throwing themselves into lava pits, running in exhaustion zones, and etc. until they found it. Eventually, it was also figured out with some creative hinting and playing around with buffs.

I honestly don’t think the Orochick is an Exploration pet (though, those are my favorites so I certainly wouldn’t mind if it was), but I miss those hints they gave. Of course, that person doesn’t work there anymore and none of the others seem to want to offer any little tidbits for Pets.

Even just a “That’s not true” or “You’re on the right track” would be amazing. 🙁