A Serious Offer

Just…lots of going over guild issues, nerfs, and other junk.

So, as most people who read this should know, I’ve been having issues with my guild. After being essentially forced to decide something that a GM should be deciding–not having a member decide. You can’t make someone decide who will end up quitting. That just…isn’t fair. And if a member is making ultimatums like that, they shouldn’t be allowed to stay or treated as if they’re the GM.

And of course being kicked out of the HM Team due to not being liked by 2-3 people after having been forced to change into an outfit that had no benefit to you (other than to make you look ridiculous)…that kind of breaks you.

You were forced to make a stupid decision that you shouldn’t have been making in the first place, forced to do something specific for HM EC, and then kicked out because a few people had issues with you. One because he doesn’t feel I heal well enough because he is just so fantastic that if he ever dies, it is always the healers fault and not because he is too far away or BEHIND A TREE. Or how if you don’t use a set bonus, you’re not serious. Despite not all set bonuses being beneficial. I’m sorry but just because you apparently need your force handed to you doesn’t mean everyone else does.

And when something happens that just…hurts you to the core, little things that you shrug off just begin to bother you more. Like trying to be bribed to wear a slave girl outfit or the constant running ahead before healing up (or letting the healer at least recover her force) or being told everything is your fault.

Regardless, it’s hard to figure out what to do in the situation. Just quitting isn’t easy is because before all of this, everything was fine. Then HM EC was planned and everything blew up in our faces.

So, I was quite surprised when Elidibs told me that he was giving us (My boyfriend and I) a casual invitation to Stoic. Casual is fine and understandable–you don’t just walk in and get in a raid group. That’d be silly. You earn it and you work hard for it. But I don’t know what we will do just yet. In general, if we did quit, I don’t think we’d be ready to join another guild right away, if ever.

Moving on to other issues, hearing people criticize sages and how other healers are better hurts a lot. Not in reference to my skills, but just because it’s the class I prefer to heal as. And it just pisses me off that they got nerfed for being “overpowered” which is such a load of crud. I did some PVP today (again, reason why the nerf happened) and healed for several long periods of time easily keeping up my force. It’s just stupid and they have ways to make it so certain things don’t work in PVP–no reason they couldn’t have added a buff that put this nerf into place for just PVP only and not PVE as well. And the only real overpoweredness of a Sage/Sorcerer is that a Sorcerer’s lightning attacks are elemental while a sage’s is not. That gives them a clear advantage,

Sages were to be the main healing class. The overall one. And they:
1. Made it so our biggest/best heal is the slowest heal of all healing classes.
2. Made it so we can only gain Force through something that takes our own HP.
3. And no way to make it not take HP.
4. And added the extra difficulty spike of if doing your rotations wrong enough, you could lower or completely kill any Force Regeneration for quite some time.

You took the LIGHT-ARMORED healing class and made it so the ONLY way for them to recover their Force to use abilities to take health. When they take the most damage to begin with. I’d love to know how they didn’t see a problem with this.

I may still be able to play the class, but that doesn’t make what they did justifiable. Regardless, I just need to figure out what to do…guild-wise, gear-wise, credit-wise, and pray that maybe they’ll re-fix Sages. I mean, seriously. :/

and I wish people would stop making fun of me all the time.

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