A relief

So, one of the awesomely awesome developers posted this:

Hi folks,
We wanted to inform you all that there is currently an issue with the missions A Lead, A New Lead, and Another Lead. The way the Chevin Event works is that players can find the first six items of the mission The Grand Acquisitions Race whenever at their leisure. The next three items will unlock on a daily basis for everyone, regardless of what step players are on in the main event quest. (item #7 unlocks today, item #8 tomorrow, and item #9 unlocks on Friday).
Players are currently running into an issue that when they complete the mission, A Lead (item #7), the UI marks Another Lead (item #9) as complete with no item given to the player.
DO NOT WORRY. These three missions are merely hints. You DO NOT need this mission to appear in your Mission Log in order to activate it. It will unlock on a daily basis as I outlined earlier.
To be clear, you can STILL play these missions even if they are marked as complete. You just have to wait for their specific daily unlock.
For your convenience, I have posted the text for each mission below:

A Lead (Item #7 – Akar Kesh Meditation mask): A Sniffer droid is available to aid you in your search for the Akar Kesh Meditation mask, but is still undergoing programming. [unlocks today]
A New Lead (Item #8 – Black-and-Orange Sphere): Sapaaga the Hutt is refusing to speak to anyone at this time. Check back with the Hutt observation droid at the Lower Promenade on Nar Shaddaa later, when the Hutt’s string of losses may have made him more inclined to negotiate. [unlocks tomorrow]
Another Lead (Item #9 – Plasma-Sealed Jar): A Republic Slicing Droid is tapping into the Transportation Network Terminal in Shadowtown in Nar Shaddaa to locate information leading the Plasma-Sealed Jar. [unlocks Friday]

So, it’s just a glitch, but regardless, I’ll be okay! I should be able to finish. I’m so relieved. x-x Anyway, time to get my boyfriend up to speed and finish stuff up on our imperials!

In the meantime, I did look up the codexes and learned the titles:
1. Imperial side: Imperial Loyalist
2. Republic Side: SIS Freelancer
3. Chevins: Capable Sentient

I’m kind of leaning towards the Chevin one. I think the Republic one is kind of lame considering SIS Operative is a title you can get on Tatooine–a glitched title, but still a title you can get. Apparently this title was removed–not a glitch, regardless, I think it sounds better than SIS Freelancer… Imperial Loyalist isn’t bad, but none of my characters really are Imperial Loyalist? All my Imperial characters are neutral on the sides, if anything. I think it’s a nicer sounding title though.

I guess I’ll see how the story goes and pick which I think is better–after all, it’s one title only (because as expected, no repeatable quests).

2 thoughts on “A relief

    • All Republic ones, anyway…or it was, apparently it was actually removed and as per most codexes, just was never updated. …I think SIS Operative sounds better than SIS Freelancer though 🙁


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