A Lead Available

As expected, looks like a quest is available… so A New Lead and Another Lead will probably be available Tomorrow and the day after respectively.

…which means we really need to hurry up with our Imperial characters. We tried to get some done, but those crates are so tedious. Anyway, unfortunately, I camped on Nar Shaddaa so time to run to Coruscant real quick. I went and spent 20K on the Capital World Transport as it wasn’t too horribly priced and I figured it’d be useful for this event.

Apparently, the mask can also be gotten today due to a glitch X__x I think I’ll stay glitch-free, thanks. …even if the Hagnoffarl calls for me.

Regardless, I got to Coruscant and headed to the Justicar area to get to the Works as it’s closer to there than the actual Works area. This is a cute quest. More or less, you open the box for the repaired BD-R1 to pop out! You need to follow him to the mask. He wheels around and scans thing. At one point (and only one point–I actually expected it to be longer and more mobs but nope!), a mob will appear and BD-R1 will break down. You need to defeat the mob and repair him to continue the journey.

Then you just click the mask and that is it! You have finished for the day. Only catch is once again, only one group can do it at a time. 🙁 Thankfully, I managed to get mine done right away.

Unfortunately, I then noticed my “Another Lead” was missing. I do not have an extra item–I’m not sure how it glitched but I am completely having a heart attack. Sent a bug report and hope it gets fixed soon because otherwise, I will cry. T___T Anyway, shall end this here and get back to Nar Shaddaa later–have to go to work now ._.

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