So, some people have mentioned some concern because I haven’t written in a while! Sorry! I will say I still adore the game and still log in everyday… I’m just discouraged, I guess is one way to put it.

Besides having to work a lot of extra hours in order to raise money due to a lot of bad luck a couple of months ago, there’s just a lot of things I have been waiting for since early this year all coming at once.

Similarly, as mentioned, previous discouragement. I will put it simply with that I hate depending on people. I love helping others, but I hate asking for help myself. One of the top reasons I dislike operation pets is because:
1. The sucky drop rate
2. Lock-outs so I can’t keep trying
3. I would need 7-15 other people.

And I hate that.

And as silly as it seems, I am really paranoid that the Deep Wriggler’s drop rate will change in the upcoming patch. Also, the fact that it has 100% drop rate but chances are I won’t get one for months has a really negative effect on me as I feel like a failure, honestly. It’s like “oh hey, the only reason you can’t get me is you’re not good enough to do it”.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that there is a pet (100% drop no less) and it is officially clarified to be the only one I need (and really, what kind of good pet guide maker doesn’t have all the pets immediately), I wouldn’t even care that I may not have HM done yet. Yes, I need the codexes eventually, but it isn’t a big deal.

Essentially, it goes in this order:
1. Pets
2. Codexes + Speeders
3. Gear
4. Other items (Example: Karagga’s Helmet) – if these kinds of items can ever be placed to decorate your ship, this becomes #3 moving Gear to #4.

And being both a perfectionist and a completionist, having a lockout just sitting here stinks too.

However, a big thank you to a certain someone who is helping me at least stay somewhat calm by helping me earn credits for one of my first big goals: Getting the ship Legacy Stuff.

Then, the only other priority credit thing is getting the rest of the speeders I need.

But yes, that is why I haven’t written too much~ I’ve just been kind of down and don’t want to drag other people in it. Regardless, I still love the game and am still determined over cave mysteries–just kind of feeling like a failure.

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  1. I doubt the drop rate of the pet is going to change. I really believe that the cave requires all the 16 players to have the pet, didn’t a dev state it would be a while? To me, that explains the 100% drop rate, and it’s a cave, doesn’t the boss the pet is based off of burrow? 😛 Just a theory, but honestly I really really doubt you have anything to worry about with the pet droprate.


    • That was the basis of my theory on that–however, nothing is stopping once 16 people have the pet to just go in together and check which would be a lot sooner.

      But yeah, just paranoid, honestly :/


      • Yeah, but how often is that going to happen? There still aren’t that many guilds getting the pet. I haven’t seen but 1 on JC. It’s still going to take a while.


    • You are the first person I’ve heard from who has not seen it drop. Which could mean my initial idea of it having a very high drop chance, but not necessarily 100% could be right. That must suck though :/


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