Ways to know you’re overdoing it:

When your dream is completely about the new operation and what secrets it could have 😐

I went to bed a little bit earlier than usual due to reasons, but ended up waking up for a bit anyway (thirsty). Regardless, the craziness of my head did make me think a lot about it and part of me wondered if there was more to it.

I mean, what if there’s a buff when you finish HM 16-man or something that if you go back to the cave with it, something happens?

Just makes me think there may be more to the instance itself. Hopefully when it does come over though (and thus, people have all their gear), we can try and explore the instance some more itself for anything.

2 thoughts on “Ways to know you’re overdoing it:

  1. Crazy thought, but maybe it’s the nightmare pilgrim debuff/buff? What is the thing from the stars? Any lore/canon connection to the Gree or any monsters in the new op?

    Just a thought


    • That’s actually a really good idea. The buff only lasts for 5 hours afterall while the debuff lasts for 5 days.

      I don’t think there’s any real connections of it to the Gree though, but still something to look into.


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