Undecisive and Sick of Gargath

The subject pretty much says it all, but I suppose I should go into detail as I’m writing in the first place and it’d be silly to end there.

So, we shall go in reverse order this time as the latter of the subject is shorter:
We’ve fought him twice now today and still no pet drop. I’m getting more nervous each time. We may try again this evening, but it’ll probably conflict with raid time unless we move really fast. We only have Karagga and Fabricator left on KP Story Mode so maybe we can do that, take a quick break to go get Gargath, and then start HM? …I don’t know if they’ll go for that though and I’d feel bad asking.

Moving on to the first part of the subject:
I’m not sure what to do at the moment in SWTOR. Not because I’m bored–heck, I wish, but because I’m so stressed out, I can’t figure out what would be the best thing to do considering 1.3 is about 3 days away.

My previous goals/what I will do and how are most likely not going to happen, especially as Gargath continues to suck. I thought of maybe doing Lost Island HM, but I am too shy to try and ask–not to mention nervous to do the FP with complete strangers. Not because I doubt them, but because I doubt myself and if I feel they are thinking how horrible I am, I’ll start doing worse. This is also why I don’t do many Pick-up group Operations either.

Speaking of Pick-up operations though, I figure if we do not do KP this weekend, I am hoping maybe I can find a group Monday to do both. Considering these are essentially the only two attempts we have before 1.3, I do not want to waste them.

Besides that, it doesn’t look like I’ll even get close to 2.5 million, heck, let alone maybe even 1 million… At the very least, I may just barely hit the 600K I’d need for all 19 Augment Slots. Too bad I still don’t have the armoring and mod I need to go with it :/

*stressing like crazy* and it’s making it really hard to concentrate.

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