Gearing just…sucks. I mean, here I am trying to make myself better and it seems I’ll never be able to. I don’t want to suck, but at the same time gear is definitely not at the top of my priority list… but also at the same time, I don’t like not feeling like I have everything ready to go.

Essentially what I still need:
1. Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 – Goes for about 750K. Just need 1.
2. Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 – Goes for about 2 million to 3 million. Need 6.
3. Advanced Mettle Mod 26A – I believe this can actually just be pulled out of Campaign gear so…

regardless, that’s 12,750,000-18,750,000.

And didn’t I recently just state for so many other things, it’d be like 25 million?

so maybe I should just aim for 45 million.

and then curl into a ball and cry because I suck.

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