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Ran into a topic about “Legacy being a Failure” on the official forums and felt the need to post. Got carried away though, so I figured I’d mention it here:

I actually really like the Legacy system, though, I do agree that the prices are definitely fairly over the top. I have yet to afford anything I didn’t unlock somehow (And all I’ve unlocked are the human race presence bonus, all the social stuff, all the valor stuff, and the Light V Ability…and well, all 3 Jedi Consular things) which is pretty depressing as there is a lot of stuff I do want, even if I feel the prices are sort of ridiculous.

I definitely agree on the Family Tree issues with it being too “linear”. The restriction on how many people you can set to something is pretty silly. Not to mention I was surprised not to see a few other options like “Master/Teacher”, “Aunt/Uncle”, “Cousin” or “Niece/Nephew”.

Only other issue is really with the race unlocks–ignoring the large price, most people who will be making Alts usually already know what they want their character to be and the last thing they want to do is have to go through that class (in the case of just a color/accessory issue) or a different class to unlock the skin and then, if they do have all 8 planned, just delete that level 50 after unlocking. That seems like a waste of someone’s time and money just to actually make the character the way they wanted to begin with.

It also seems silly for races that just give extra colors or options (Twi’lek, Zabrak, Cyborg) still cost the full 1.5 million.

Besides that, I think the biggest issue is Legacy is very geared to either:
1. Expecting you to have lots of money if you don’t have alts
2. Expecting you to have lots of alts and have nearly everything unlocked.

Issues there are they are both assumptions that don’t really apply to everyone. For example, I know a few people who have no need or want for alts, but honestly only have time to do some raids and/or flash points with a guild before going. They do not have time for dailies (which is unfortunately the main way to get money) so any money they do get is put towards repair bills, not leaving them with much.

Similarly, many people who do not have alts just dislike repeating things. In this case, dailies would be incredibly torturous and once again, not much money.

There’s of course people who have lots of alts, do dailies on every alt, and thus, have a lovely pot of money. But not everyone does. And if it is someone who just doesn’t have time for dailies and only raids or whatever, then once again, same money issue as above.

Not to mention not everything can be bought (The class unlocks come to mind for this), but not everyone will want to play every class either (whether it be because they want to play different, or even the same, trees with the same class or just prefer certain classes over others) which is an issue in itself if someone does want to get everything.

This is the first game I’ve ever even thought about having alts for because I’m interested in the stories, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have trouble going through quests I’ve gone through before. It’ll be long, tedious, and frustrating for me and I do have a hard time with dailies.

But I also won’t be able to unlock everything either. I can’t play a Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior because, well, I suck at up-close combat. I’m a ranged person (and primarily a healer–that is also the only class that can’t go heal spec) so that’s a combat system that is very hard for me. I did try one on a test server, only to delete them because I could just not get the hang of the character and I wasn’t having fun. (I do get to see the story through my boyfriend’s characters as he’s played the Knight and Warrior so that’s not enough to convince me either–as much as I adore T-07 and Vette)

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