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Too many flashpoints/operations X__x

So today, besides contacting customer support (as seen below), I put up my Advanced Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal (if you’re in Corellian Run, do think of buying it >>) and then decided I’d go Area Quest hunting! …except I was all alone so I got bored 🙁 not to mention there are actually no good guides for Area Quests surprisingly. I remember when I found that random one in Hoth and I can’t even find that one anywhere.

I’d probably make an Area Quest guide myself, but it’d require so much backtracking and all my other characters are just really low right now 🙁 But, if I can afford my Trooper, maybe I can make one then? (Plus an Imperial one with my Bounty Hunter)

Anyway, I was dragged off to an Operation by Stoic…then a flashpoint then a flashpoint by some friends in my current guild then another flashpoint by Stoic and another and omgsomany. I really hate repeating things >> but at least it was with people I like.

I may start joining in with those few people on Sunday to try doing HM EC. While I don’t mind dying for learning, I don’t know if I can afford repairs 🙁 credits allude me. But at least I feel wanted.

Moving on, I am now helping a friend with datacrons so yay~