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Raids with New guild!

So, yesterday we did Karagga’s Palace Normal (Sadly, no pet drop! There was also no mount drop but I don’t care as much about that) and today we did Eternity Vault Normal and Hard Mode! 😀 I was my first time finishing EV Hard Mode and we got Soa down in one shot (despite him enraging at 20% and losing our tanks twice)! Robot at the beginning is definitely the hardest.

I even received a new Codex entry since it was my first time killing Soa on HM 😀 And if that wasn’t enough, I got the Rakata Bottoms, Rakata Offhand, AND Rakata Gloves! Woo! I just need the Rakata Hat and Mainhand and then I have everything Rakata…ignoring that it’s not the top tier anymore but that excites me muchly.

Unfortunately, I’m incredibly poor ATM as my boyfriend and I put our money together for a Advanced Magenta Schematic (The +41 version!) and then the little I had left was used for ripping mods out (how much they cost slipped my mind again… As it is, I still have 1 left which is about 38K to remove) and repairs (I still have about 22K left in repairs). So I’m down to 10K which really sucks :/

But yay for new gear and hopefully a pink crystal soon! We also need more Corusca Gems though…