To those who picked the “only 300K” choice on the poll…. I am the only poor person in this game, aren’t I? 😛 “only 300K”–maybe if it wasn’t more than half of what I have! XD

But yes, so far that is winning so if it continues that way, I will most likely be going shopping later.

In the meantime, another guild has gotten a Deep Wriggler upon completing so unless I hear about someone not getting it, I’m going to go ahead and say it is most likely 100% drop rate.

6 thoughts on “So…

    • I know how that feels. It’s rare for me not to have so little 🙁 been trying to keep at least 100K on me though.


    • Not yet :/ Deep Wriggler drops from the Terror from Beyond on HM at, what it seems like anyway, a 100% drop rate. Whether it drops on SM at a rare drop rate if at all is unknown.

      For the Cave, there’s been no new information other than a 3rd hint (which I added to the Cave Compilation post). Where did you hear that though? It is one of the speculations (due to a picture of a sage with a black-cyan crystal in one of the official images for the operation), but last I checked, that hadn’t been confirmed. Was it confirmed anywhere or…?


  1. People were talking about the color crystal on our fleet, so it is unconfirmed. I tried looking for one in Cali Killed Nox YT videos but don’t think I saw one.


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