So, those lovely credits I had gotten from two awesome people will most likely be gone by the time I get these next two Starfighters and Monkey-lizard considering the prices I’m going to end up having to pay.

Stinks that my needed items from the Cartel Market list just keeps growing. Really starting to get to me v-v

2 thoughts on “*sighs*

  1. Yeah, BW just adds stuff instead of fixing the bugs.
    And you must have luck finding a cheap offer in the GTN. And, of course, the one needed must be on the GTN.

    Spent a lot of credits last days, but I finally have all except the Moods (I’m not paying 400k or more for a stupid mood).


    • On our server, everything is pretty overpriced. If a starfighter shows up for around 1.2-1.3, it sells in minutes so they never go under that. :/

      Moods are all over the place… emotes are still 150K+, the shrub is like 300K+, mounts are ridiculous…

      I always hated random packs, especially ones that cost real money. I suck at earning credits as it is and it’s just a depressing situation.


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