Just random Cartel Market chatter

The first items should start appearing on the GTN around 10PM or so tonight.

The Diplomat’s Meditation Chair has already begun lowering which isn’t too surprising. I expect the new one to actually go for more as I think people will prefer the Blue coloring (I personally prefer the original). I’d actually be able to afford one now, but I’d rather save every bit I can for the 7 pets I still need.

It doesn’t help that the 7 pets I need are all the ones that will probably sell for the most.

We have the Blue-Speckled Gizka. Gizkas are usually pretty popular and only the green (which, while still cute, I do think the other two in the trio look nicer) didn’t sell for too much.

I do think the Womp Weasels and the Larva will sell for the least. They…kind of terrify me ._. I’ll find them cute in their own way soon. I’m sure I will. Once I stop feeling like they may eat me.

The Model Starfighters are what I expect to go for the most for 3 reasons:
1. They are the rarest
2. You’re playing Star Wars. Ships that can follow you around while doing random tricks = appeals to a lot of people.
3. You can apparently have a Starfighter and another Pet out at the same time.

The Monkey-lizard will probably go for a good amoutn to, but mostly be all over.

Everything else will vary a lot, though, out of the random stuff, I think Emote: Backflip and the Holo-Shrub disguise will go for the most.

And supposedly there is a third mount 🙁 but I can’t find any information on it.

4 thoughts on “Just random Cartel Market chatter

  1. I need all the spaceships plus the monkey. Got an extra Desert Nekarr Cat. Also need:

    Fancy Reveler gear (top + head)
    Conservator gear
    Despot gear (pants + boots)
    Holo-Shrub Disguise
    Emote: Flourish
    Mood: Angered
    Mood: Disdained
    Mood: Enraged
    Mood: Fearful
    Ambassador’s Meditation Hoverchair


  2. I hope you fill find a good price for those pets soon.
    Yesterday I made a great deal, one of the starship pets for 45k 🙂


    • I’m envious forever. Unfortunately over here, I will most likely need to pay about 1.2 million per ship :/


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