So, it looks like the event didn’t start today despite the server problems. I do hope it starts soon considering next week is the last only semi-busy week of the month for me so if it’s in July after that…just lots of craziness, honestly.

Besides that, got two groups today. One for Karagga Story Mode and one for Karagga HM (with those nice people from the guild I did the fastest Lost Island run ever with!). Sadly no pet drop on either 🙁 Though, I did win the Dessler Turbo from HM. Ironically, I still haven’t won the Story mode mount that you can get from KP or EV.

As for gear changes… I’m still freaking out completely. However, I have noticed some change (for the better) which is good. I seem to be healing a bit higher so hopefully that’ll continue to help.

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