Random thoughts

So, my commando is officially a commando as she has passed the level cap to be one 😛 Hopefully I’ll get her ship soon, but I don’t think I will be getting Zoara up too quickly. I’d probably like to finish Miisha first.

As for Amidaia and the Binocular quests and things, I was sad to see them not vary afterall 🙁 Especially with how cool the puzzle was at the beginning. We’re currently at the car hopping–unfortunately, it glitched at the end and the enemy didn’t spawn on his ship… so we had to reset the instance :/ We’re only level 53 though and much more undergeared than our Republic counterparts so not going as great. I just hope we can finish, to be honest.

I’m really really really excited for 2.1.

I still think Cartel Boxes are pure evil.

and I continue to stalk the GTN for the Desert Drake because until I’m overleveled to the point of being able to two-man an operation, I don’t see myself ever getting one.

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