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Before I decided to just do this, I would make some posts in the Guild blog about various things. These are listed from oldest to newest….

Stats + Getting things done

12/21/11 6:03am
We finished Nar Shadda! Well, more or less. We still have two datacrons left, but they apparently are level 32+ so… I wonder if there will be new quests there or if we will just need to go back?

Mandalorian Rage is evil and cruel and one of the worst quests ever. We managed to get a really nice tank though which was nice…we also had another tank, but not only was he underleveled, he just…needed some work I guess? He kept causing more enemies to come and healing only goes so fast πŸ™ In the end, it was working together with another group that let us finally beat the boss. Yay for teamwork and cooperation!

Also finally have my second companion–even if he is a perverted, flirty, jerk, kind of like someone else I know.

We are now at Tatooine which is pretty cool and we even got our first datacron here. I also modded my Elegant set which has me super excited as now it’s better than my other gear and I can wear it! I don’t think I’ll change it out unless a pink-ish version or some kind of pretty pink dress comes along.

Currently, I have:
Elegant Dress: Resolve Armoring 10, Force Wielder Mod 8, Critical Enhancement 7
Elegant Gloves: Resolve Armoring 11, Force Wielder Mod 7, Critical Enhancement 9
Elegant “Pants”: Resolve Armoring 9, Force Wielder Mod 8, Critical Enhancement 11
Elegant Slippers: Resolve Armoring 7, Resolve Mod 6, Critical Enhancement 9

It’s definitely not the best it can be modded too, but it’s all I had to use so… I’d like to get them as high as they could be at some point, however. Especially as I consider them end-game.

Similarly, I really like my Righteous Harbinger’s Lightsaber so unless I see a style I like more, I’ll probably keep it. I do want to get a Magenta (if it’s pink) crystal though…otherwise I’ll settle for white/silver.
Lightsaber currently has: Advanced Resolve Hilt 9, Resolve Mod 6, Fervor Enhancement 6, and Green Resolution Crystal.

But yes, shall end this here. Currently level 27 so yay~

Starting to Slow Down…

1/6/12 9:57pm
e had been doing well and progressing quite nicely, but have slowed down on Balmorra. When I’m not wondering why every single male companion besides Tharan is murder-obsessed, I’m usually pretty focused.

We had both planned to hit level 50 (or at least be in mid to late 40’s by now), but have barely gotten past a level or 2 these last few days (I believe I’m 37 now? Maybe 38?).

There is a simple reason for this: allergies.

Allergies suck. And they have been particularly bad right now. If they are not causing sneezing, they are giving you a sinus headache, if you don’t have a headache, they are making your face and gums hurt, if for some reason everything above the neck is okay, your throat and ears are hurting, and if you manage to luck out there, there is a 98% chance your stomach feels like it was put into a blender. If you still manage to skip that–everything hurts. No exceptions. Most medicine doesn’t work for me so it’s not really an option sadly πŸ™ (And there is also the “wonderful” chance of just feeling completely tired and out of it)

Sadly, my playing partner also has allergies @-@ So it is double the “fun” when these days happen.

It actually really sucks–especially to me as I’m incredibly organized to say the least so I really hate when things don’t go as planned (especially when they are my fault).

But yes, I guess I’m just saying sorry for my absence πŸ™ (And his too) …you know, if anyone even manages to see this. Gonna go curl up in a ball now x-x and we had planned to play today too πŸ™ (stupid craziness and then allergies)


1/7/12 9:28pm
So, ignoring that I need 3 (one for each character)… unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get one anything soon. As for why… well, time to make a topic on it.

T~T I can use it…I just need some way to get it.
The Colicoid Queen is the Devil

1/9/12 10:41am
Well, firstly, I’m level 41 now! Yep–I leveled TWICE. SEE. SEE THAT DEDICATION TO PINK LIGHTSABERS.

Okay, moving on… We finally finished Balmorra! Yay! Including the bonus series which wasn’t so bad…until the Heroic 4’s. There are 3 Heroic 4’s you get–one of the three in the area of the other two. It’s another Colicoid area…of death and horror. I would recommend making sure you have all 3 before doing ANYTHING as you will have a lot of issues otherwise. The Heroic 4’s are near the south of the map. The third one is in an old abandoned warehouse near the middle/end of the area–essentially straight and slightly to the right of the entrance. You will not need to turn to get to the entrance as it is right there in your face. The instance is for the other two quests so ignore it for now.

Run-down of what you need to Suffer through:
1. You will do the one with the meat and the one you get from the building in the area first. We picked the Light Side choice so I do not know if the quest changes with the dark side (He needs things though so it’s possible the item name would just change and the amount would stay), but on the Light Side, you need to kill 15 of these things. The reason I am mentioning to get this first is for the Meat quest, you need to kill 10 for the bonus which you might as well do since you have to kill 15 for the other quest.
2. The main part of the Meat quest, however, requires you to just enable a machine that is guarded by a giant champion Colicoid. It is, thankfully, by itself, but it has quite a lot of HP (You’ll find that to be a running theme here).
3. When you finish that (and the quest you got here along with the bonus by association), head into the instance. Oh, by the way, the Queen is in an instance in this instance in this horrible evil heroic area.
4. We headed to the left after getting to the main area. You can avoid ALMOST everything. You have to fight the first group when you enter before you get to the main room. After that, just stick towards the walls (To the left for the main room. To the right for getting around the single champion–though, not so bad to take down if you get caught). You will then be brought into the first room you need to be for the Meat quest. You can head along the right and go around to hit the machine without drawing the attention of the bugs. Leave the room and stick to the left wall (without hitting the instance) to avoid the champion (though, once again, it’s alone so it isn’t so bad. The droid you let free will not aggro it, though it will shoot at it to help you).
5. The next room, sadly, is the other group you can not avoid. Luckily, since it’s an instance, any you kill will stay dead. If you have more than one person with you (so recommended. Mar-gon and I thankfully has Vispilo’s help, but we still died once–twice on our own), have them try and enable the droid machine so even if you do die, you can just run off back to the hallway and not bother with the group as you now have the step done.
6. Head into the Queen’s lair. She’s all by herself…for now. She has a attack that summons a bunch of hatchlings, which, while they only take a few hits, there is just too many and even with some AOE’s, maybe take more than that with all the hits coming in (not to mention the Queen herself). The best thing to do is stick together–use a lot of AOE (Heals and attacks) that will help either stun the attacking or just get them out or even push them away and concentrate on the Queen. That is the best thing to do and will hopefully get her dead. Spreading out, while it seems like a good idea, actually makes it more difficult.
7. Quick travel out because you are not crazy.

As an important note, be careful. An area may look like there’s only one or 2 stars, but then one more with a star suddenly comes out of the ground and murders you.

But yes, looking forward to Quesh and then will probably head to Alderaan to see if we can do the bonus quest yet πŸ™‚ Otherwise, on to Hoth!
The Tyrant is the Colicoid Queen’s husband.

1/16/12 11:25pm
Continuing on with my hate for the Colicoid Queen, I also have a large hate for the Tyrant who cheats quite a bit. He’s a jerk and he sucks and stuff. Thankfully, Allidel gave us a hand and we managed to complete it. I’m not really a bad healer, but there’s not much I can do if you’re being hit twice as much as I can heal πŸ™

Anyway, world bosses tomorrow! I’m excited and disappointed at the same time. I was hoping to be 49 today–maybe even 50! But things didn’t work out :/ Partially issues with The Tyrant and partially because both Mar-gon and I were super sick earlier today. We only really felt better this evening. Neither of us even had our voices x-x

I’m less than 50% away to 49 though so I should level tomorrow. And then I can use a megenta crystal! …you know, if I had one. ._.

Regardless, we’re doing our best to hit 50. I feel bad though that we’re so late πŸ™ I mean, we were chugging along really well for a while…but then failed miserably. *sighs*

Anyway, Nadia is pretty cool. BUT WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME HER FATHER WOULD DIE T__T I cried. I’m still upset. I BLAME PERSEUS.

But yes, I need to get her a better outfit. Actually, I’d like to look up neat outfits for all my companions at some point. Probably either level 50 gear or orange stuff… maybe I should go look up an item database.
And Nakar-Sel is their son (ALSO LEVEL 50!)
1/18/12 2:59am
So, hopefully the end of our evil boss list is Nakar-Sel. We had met up with an old friend we had partied with in some of the older planets πŸ™‚ And Visp came along too!

We had started around 2 and despite some hardships, we prevailed. We got excited only to find out…there was still a boss left. After a bit of nervousness, we continued and the final boss came.

He then proceeded to kick our butts πŸ™ We tried a few more times getting more and more nervous. We kept dying and the server would be going down soon. So, I quickly tried to look things up and found out apparently, his main crazy powerful hits happen when you stand still.

THUS, PLAN WAS BORN. It turns out he also had issues with jumps (as he could not) and thus, if you jumped down, he would need to run to the stairs to get you and vice versa. So, we took this to our advantage and ran around using ranged attacks. This gave me enough time to keep everyone healed along with him actually getting murdered.

We managed to finish about 5 minutes to downtime πŸ™‚ And then upon completion… I HIT LEVEL 50! Yay! I think I’m the first girl to get level 50? And if not, I’m the first Princess to! So yay!

so excited!
To-do List πŸ™‚

1/18/12 12:47pm

OKAY! So now that I hit level 50, it’s time for…. ~GOALS~. And things!
1. PINK LIGHTSABER. We hopefully will do the big crazy thingy tomorrow since Muszik has the schematic :3 so yay.

2. Finishing up quests! At the moment, we want to finish up Voss. Then we’ll do the Hoth Bonus Series, Corellia, Belsavis Bonus Series, Voss Bonus Series, and Corellia Bonus Series. I don’t even know where to start the latter 3 bonus series.

Of course, Class quests are priority so wherever those send us we’ll want to take care of first. Then Flash Points and stuff we need to do. We also need to work on datacrons.

———A. We still need the Strength Datacron on Hoth and The Green Matrix Shard Datacron on Belsavis. Plus any after Voss.

3. Modding up all my gear. If there is anything better than what I have, I need it. This also includes ship stuff so I can finally finish my space flight missions. …I really need more money–I also need the new speeder skill (and to buy a speeder).

4. Companions!
Nadia and Tharan are essentially priority as they will more or less be who I switch between.

I’d like to get something nice (and maybe orange so if I really like it, I won’t have to switch them) and elegant for Nadia while something Cool and Cunning for Tharan. Nadia needs Willpower and Tharan needs cunning so… Also, would prefer something without a hood for Nadia (and not a stupid hat. More like a headband) and something that doesn’t cover Tharan’s face completely.

Unfortunately, I suck at looking through these item databases so I’m not sure what to look for πŸ™ Also, Nadia needs a nice hilt and a white lightsaber crystal while Tharan needs a Cyan one.

5. Must get all Synthweaving recipes no matter how useless. Once it’s completely maxed, I’ll probably switch out Underworld trading (already 400) to get other things to 400. Slicing is pretty close (300-something), but I don’t want to get rid of that until I have some kind of good income.

6. PETS. I need to get a security key and a collector’s edition code so I can get those pets T__T And get up to Social level 7.
I hate how I can’t use the dark side pet too though–but I don’t want to get all the way low just to get back up to 10,000 πŸ™ But that’s also probably a codex entry I’m missing out on… ._. this is hard. why did they have to do that T___T

7. Exploration! Anything not done exploring MUST be done.

I THINK that’s everything! But yes, much to do. Not if only I could find a good item database with previews and stuff. (Oh, and pay Perseus back 225K πŸ˜› )

I hate dailies.

2/19/12 1:18pm
It’s actually been a month since my last update!

So, going over my to do list:

1. Pink Lightsaber – GOTTEN. The quest to get it was SO much fun. I really hope they do more things like that.

2. Finishing Quests – Getting Closer! We still have operations and *cringe* PVP but for normal things, we just need to do Ilum Under Siege to finish up Ilum, Directive 7 and that new one for Flash Points… Corellia has a Heroic we still need to do. And we still have the Hoth Bonus series πŸ™

3. Modding – All gear is modded up now as high as it can go. Just need Columni and Rakata gear now.

4. Companions – Only Qyzen left to get to 10,000 Affection! As for gearing…well, that’s not going as well. I don’t think they’ll be geared for a long time.

5. I don’t really know how to tell if I have all the Synthweaving recipes, but at least I have 400 in it now!

6. Pets – I have all of them now. However, I still can’t use the dark side pet for obvious reasons πŸ™

7. Slowly working on! We got all the lore objects in some places, but still lots to do. And all datacrons are done! Yay!

Anyway, now it’s mostly just dailies and whatnot which are killing me 😐 I can’t stand them. At least doing them with Perseus and talking about other stuff makes them less torturous, but god, I hate repeating things. It’s so frustrating and I can barely stand doing anything else after I finish dailies for the day. x___x *sighs*
The Charity of Mari
Welcome to the Charity of Mari!

This charity is used to help various pets find a comfy place in the Charity of Mari and buy new vehicles to carry them in because speeders don’t really work that well for a lot of pets and cars are expensive. Our current goal is at least 2,300,000 Credits–Preferably 5,000,000* total.
If you feel like donating, your donation could be used to sponsor some of these wonderful pets. Just look at those smiles.
We will also help rescue poor pets who are kidnapped and brainwashed and then forced to kill themselves. This is not nice and money will help cover repair costs for troops on these rescue missions.**

So, if you want to help out pets, donate to The Charity of Mari today!

*Amount may change at anytime.

**Joining in on these rescue missions does not guarantee you a golden pet.

(I couldn’t resistΒ Β not completely serious, but the Charity of Mari will accept donations regardless. Also, fear my incredibly bad artwork.)

2 thoughts on “Old Entries

  1. Sent a mail to Aurojin about situation–wanted to archive reply and my response since it’s important to me, to say the least:

    You have my sympathies. Guild drama can be a horrible and stressful thing, all the more so because people often aren’t communicating face-to-face so they’ll act in ways they wouldn’t in person.

    I also completely understand your feelings on your gear: I actually went through a period where I lost all motivation to play my Sage because I considered the tier 1 gear so hideous. Eventually I just bit the bullet and dumped the 4-piece bonus for orange gear. There’s no joy in playing a character that you don’t like, and aesthetics are a major part of that.

    This is typical scenario in raid groups, anyway: progression issues are happening, so people look for something to blame, and they fixate onto specifics that aren’t really relevant to the big picture. If you’re having a bad time in your raid, that’s because people aren’t playing well, not because a Sage healer doesn’t have an extra 50 force points. Good healers were swapping the bonus for two augments before the 1.3 system came into play.

    To be blunt: if your raid group is actually making a major issue out of the set bonus, they need a serious perspective check, because they’re obviously failing to understand whatever fundamental problems are holding them back.

    Unfortunately, your options are limited. You can dig your heels in and see how the chips fall (and in this case I’d starting considering other guilds on your server) or you can simply swallow it (and you really have to make the decision that raiding is more important than your character to you, otherwise you’ll never be happy ultimately). The only other thing I can offer is what I said earlier: I’m happy to come onto your guild’s Mumble/forum/etc and talk it out. I’m 4/4 EC HM (it took my raid group two nights to clear it), and I own the Sage/Sorc healng stickies in the forum, so I have some credentials.

    Best of luck to you… I hope your situation improves.


    • My response:

      It really is. Guild Drama is what ruined the last MMO I got into and this is the first MMO I managed to get into that much–heck, even more so, since then so this just sucks. So much. :/ I’m a very…honest person so about the only thing different from how I am in real life is I’m a bit more hyper online (I’m pretty shy–I just open up a little further online and it’d take longer in real life).

      Yeah. That is pretty much the boat I’ve been in this week. I haven’t been in the mood to do flashpoints or raids because I’m just so frustrated with my gear. I mean, when 1.2 hit, I was so excited I switched everything over without checking. I missed my 2-set bonus, but I was still doing okay and was determined to get Campaign to get it back and do my best to work on my stats. That is what I tried to explain (And the conversation just went around in circles. :/), but that “doesn’t count” and I was told how even with the extra Willpower, I could just keep one item Rakata/Tionese/Columni and put the armoring in that and thus have both the set bonus and extra Willpower and it’s like they’re missing the point. Not to mention I’m not even sure if that will work (As then couldn’t someone technically have multiple set bonuses?).

      Apparently, our other healer (A Commando who also has a sage) feels that if you don’t have the Set Bonus, you’re not taking it seriously which is just so stupid. I’d love to say something to him, but he’s usually only on Monday to Wednesday and I doubt he’s going to talk to me (and it’d probably start a fight) but this is just really stupid and it pisses me off that my feelings aren’t even really a thought–I get to decide who will be quitting (if anyone). Everything is on my shoulders. And even a gender issue comes to mind considering I am the only girl in the group right now.

      And I tried to bring stuff up, but nope, always my fault. “I healed more than the other healer” “yeah, well he shouldn’t have much to heal anyway” “you guys kept moving back towards me” “yeah, you should be moving back too”, “the Melee DPS from what I heard shouldn’t be staying there while Toth is going beserk” “we’re already behind on Melee DPS” “People on Zorn’s side kept dying too” “yeah and that’s because those are practically instant kills on that side” and it’s like “seriously?”. I just gave up and said my boyfriend would talk to them more about strategies (He’s a Combat Sentinel so he understands how I feel since he’s always told to go Watchman :/) since he’s more involved with the fight than I am. I just kind of move back and heal people. And then of course, the comparisons. My god, the comparisons. I’m constantly being compared to their old Sage healer who had less gear than me but the 4 set bonus and how they kept everyone alive through everything with less geared Sentinels and honestly, I don’t know. Their old healer wasn’t very good (I often did much better than they did and had better heals even when they supposedly had Campaign gear) so I’d love to know how they pulled off those miracles. And just constantly going on about how they were 2/4 doesn’t help and how since everyone is better geared, we should be done already and just as;fafs;lsa;fsa; -___- I mean, I’m out of ideas. I don’t know what to say or do. And this whole thing is making me just not want to play.

      Yeah. Essentially all my options suck. :/ And to be honest, I don’t think I could go through the whole guild thing again after the first guild I was in (They weren’t progressing really at all, saying KP was too hard without Target or Target, and constantly just gearing up the same people… it was a mess and if it was pointed out, you were being “argumentative”. Eventually, we were kicked when we finally got on the GM’s case for constantly bashing the game, saying contradictory things, and just kept going on about Guild Wars 2). I have gotten a lot of guild offers, but I don’t know if I’d join a guild again at that point. My character is definitely the most important thing to me (followed by pets and collecting) so while Codexes are up there and Progression, I’d be lying if I said the actual act of raiding was. I’m going to try and see if they’d mind talking to you and if you have any suggestions for my positioning and things, that’s always awesome too~ Really, the main issue is it seems that they don’t feel there is a point to the discussion because if I don’t wear it, the other healer is going to quit and his friends are going with him and it’s just such a load of crud and stupidity. :/ So the full talking maybe actually have to happen when the other healer is on so he can realize the load of crud coming out of his mouth.

      Thanks, I hope so too. Heck, I’m in Disney World this week and I’ve never been so miserable in my life πŸ™


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