Lost: Orobirds?

So, with patch 1.2.0a, they seemed to have broken Orobirds.

1. The nests are gone. As is the extra log to get down to the one near the broken bridge.
2. If you try to summon your Orobird, it does not show up. It is essentially invisible.
3. The incubator to hatch the eggs is also gone.

Not sure if this is intentional (probably not), but hopefully this is fixed soon.

Edit: Emergency downtime for fixing 🙂 Let’s hope the game will be back up soon!

Edit 2: Looks like it won’t be back for quite a while 🙁

Edit 3: Back up as of 4PM EST <3

2 thoughts on “Lost: Orobirds?

    • At least they caught on pretty fast and took it down quickly. Hopefully it gets fixed and brought back up soon!


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