Tauntaun & Orobird Theories

Due to the NVSCSS Topic in the PTS forum being deleted (though, it was apparently brought back recently), I had decided to make a thread about trying to figure out the Tauntauns on the forum as it can help to just discuss things with another. I would’ve made it for both the Orobird and Tauntaun, but I was beaten to the Orobird thread. But let’s just say these topics are what fueled my rant about random drops 😛

I’m just going to quote myself here for a moment….

“We’re still going to at least wait on a screenshot of the item from Gargath as that may be something completely different. A boss drop doesn’t really equal a mission and then the NVSCSS would still be useless as well.

Since the second Orobird egg has been found (which probably means the third is available), it wouldn’t be a stretch to say there may be more than one Tauntaun to be gotten on Hoth.

And considering one Orobird was found traveling around Alderaan and the other through a boss drop in a flashpoint… yeah.

There were 2 listed in databases besides Taunta (Taunlet and Taunling) and the crate says it summons Taunling which would mean Taunlet would be the “mission” one. There’s also still Smelly, who was hinted to previously, but it could’ve just been a hint to Tauntauns in general.
(Not to mention with Smelly included, that would be a total of 3 to be randomly found just like the 3 Orobirds).”

Out of context, this will be a bit confusing, so I shall take a moment to break it down a bit.

Recently, someone posted in the Tauntaun thread that Gargath, a World Boss on Hoth, dropped the Exotic Animal Crate which, according to Torhead, gives Taunling. That someone did not manage to get screenshots from the person who got the drop, so there is currently no confirmation.

Does that mean it’s a complete lie? No. It just means we don’t know and while it’s something to look at, it’s not proven yet.

However, even if it is true, that isn’t really a “mission on Hoth”, as I previously stated. Of course, with the Mysterious Egg being found as a drop and the Unusual Egg being more like an adventure, it’s completely possible that there is more than one way to get a Tauntaun with the Hoth mission being one and a World boss drop being another.

The patch notes do say “Tauntaun Vanity pets can now be acquired on the planet Hoth, though the exact means of acquisition are a mystery.” so it is completely possible.

And while someone can claim that the mission on Hoth could be killing the World Boss, especially as it is required for one of the new vehicle quests, there’s still the mysterious NVSCSS then which would have no use if that was true, not to mention that one of the hints the developer gave was that it involved 2 planets and both had already been stated. Not many planets were mentioned yet (I believe just Hoth, Ilum, and Alderaan) and due to the NVSCSS on Alderaan suddenly appearing, Alderaan was decided to be second (though, people have still been checking Ilum, however, other than drops of the liver (used to make the Jerky with the schematic) which can also be found on Hoth, nothing has really showed up that would make Ilum a possible candidate) and Hoth was kind of the default due to the patch notes.

But yes, due to the Orobirds seeming to be different (With one being an adventure and the other being a drop), I wouldn’t say it’d be impossible to be in a similar boat.

Then it’s just a matter of if Smelly is still in the game (though, at the moment, I think not. I think he is being replaced with the Legacy Ram Tauntaun) and where that final Orobird egg is. It’s times like these where I wish confirmations like “One Tauntaun is a mission, one Tauntaun is a random drop, one Orobird is adventuring, one Orobird is a drop, and one Orobird is *whatever* and those are all the new pets” so nobody is looking forever or doing something that won’t go anywhere so we can make progress rather than being stuck. (Not to mention just a clarification of exactly how many to begin with would be such a beautiful thing)

…And why would they make pets random drops in the first place T____T *sad due to rotten luck*

Anyway, when the servers come back, I will definitely be wanting to try doing some farming of the new flashpoint (the Single go for the day on Hard and a bit on normal) and exploring around Hoth and taking on World Bosses to try out theories and things. So if you’re on Corellian Run and would like to come, I’d be happy to have you 😀 (maybe we can even run to Karagga’s (who can be done twice a week–once on normal and once on Hard/Nightmare) and try and grab M0GUL-Thrall Droids!) It could be a giant pet parade where we’d make sure every single person got the pet in order until everyone has one :3 At least I think that’d be fun~

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  1. Hi there. I do not have a screenshot readily available, but we got the exotic crate off of Gargath. It would appear to be relatively low rate as out of 6 kills we have only gotten one. If you wish to have further confirmation, please let me know. I would be happy to get a screenshot of the pet it summons or advise you who to whisper.

    In addition, throught the multiple kills of Gargath we have also gotten two recipes for the Ice Shabbler Jerky. Though, we have been unable to determine any further use of this related to the NVSCCS.

    Lastly, as you may already be aware, the new Flashpoint: Lost Island can be quite difficult. We have run it twice and neither time has dropped the mysterious egg, but no ordinary group can clear this one yet in my opinion. So, get a great group ^.^

    I hope the limited information I have provided is useful.


    • Hi 🙂 Thank you for the confirmation! Someone did manage to get a screenshot on the forum, though, I already decided to go with it as there were definitely a bunch of confirmations, despite the lack of pictures. I’d love to see more pictures of Taunling summoned though. Not many of those around.

      That is very nice to know too ^_^ I hope I can find some people to go and try him. It seems Taunling is at least more common than the M0GUL-Thrall Droid, as is the Mysterious Egg.

      Indeed 🙁 We only got to the robot. v-v; Hopefully we can try again soon!


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