While most bugs don’t bother me, especially ones that seem to bother other people (like the sound glitches), some things do get to me.

Like the whisper glitching right now where if someone whispers you while you are talking to someone else and have the whisper set to that someone else, the whisper will be sent to the most recent person to whisper you.

And the ticket glitch which unfortunately I only know of myself to have where my tickets refresh themselves and I have to reclick each one so the notifier isn’t there anymore.

Most importantly though, this glitch makes me incredibly paranoid so I hope that’s fixed soon :/ I managed to get the Longspur Scout recently so I have 9 ATM. But I also have 12 pets at the moment with 5 to go (6 counting the Ram Tauntaun we should be getting in the mail soon) so I’m paranoid if that may have the same issue 🙁

Besides that, sometimes getting stuck somewhere sucks, but I can really deal with most.

Anyway, back to trying to find groups for pets now… I have to say the worst feeling in the world is knowing you have stuff to do, but have nobody you can ask to help :/ (or in this case, not enough people)

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