A Suspicious Mail

So, I logged in today to find a message from Agent Reeho:

From: Agent Reeho
Subject: Received the acquisitions safely

All the items you sent have been secured at SIS headquarters. (Some have been “secured” more than others–this stuff is strange.)

I don’t know how well we can compensate you, but you did the right thing. The Chevin are ruthless and clever; if a Gree fleet really is coming, we can’t afford to be second in a race for their allegiance.

Time to get ready.

–Agent Reeho

That last part really gets my attention. “Time to get ready.” For what? Will there be a full ending to this? (unlike the Rakghoul Event which didn’t really have a very proper conclusion) Or is it a hint towards the new operation and Warzone? While I know the Warzone was already stated to have Gree technology, I remember an interview mentioned the Operation as well–despite also being a continuation (I believe the finale as well) of the Dread Master-operation-story thing.

So much to think about T~T Half tempted to go back to Nar Shaddaa now though, JUST in case…

On a different note, I ran into someone who probably had the same Legacy name as me on another server so I guess I feel bad a bit v-v (but thank god we were a Destination Server T__T)

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