A nice pick-me-up :)

Well, a friend surprised me with a nice gift–an Advanced Mettle Mod 26! 😀 Which was the last one I needed! I am now in all Rank 61’s/26’s with the exception of my Hilt (which I will need to do HM EC for). I’m just…so happy <3 It is nice to be so close! Edit: And I may be going to Nightmare Pilgrim on Tuesday! Double yay! *HOPES FOR BOOTS* And then I'll just need to beat him one more time for my Aratech Coral! 😀

2 thoughts on “A nice pick-me-up :)

    • PFFT, YOU PAGE STALKER! 😛 But yes, Thank you again <3
      (haha very funny XP Just because I was a little slow with that one!)


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