So, recently, there’s been discussion on the 4-set bonus and when it could be beneficial. When learning a fight, it could probably help. Similarly, more healing is always helpful if you do not actually need that force.

I mean, sometimes I get low…but not enough to really benefit from it and most of the time if I do get low, it’s because I’m about to die.

Out of curiousity, however, I looked up to see what the different would be. Bonus Healing would go down 1.8. Crit chance would go down a bit too, but like .09% or something–nothing big. …The question is, however, how much healing is that anyway?

I mean, I could get another Elegant Top and give it the set bonus with everything else the same (of course, I’d need another Augment Kit, Resolve Augment, Mettle Mod, and Quick Savant enhancement for it…) as I’d only have to change one thing if I got Campaign for BOTH my Gloves and Boots as those have the higher willpower with Force-Mystic…but bleh. Just a lot to think about.

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