Karagga’s, Karagga’s, Karagga’s

This weekend has been pretty bad. And even when the day momentarily looked up (I was invited to a Karagga’s Palace/Hutt Hospitality group!), it ended miserably. While I did get invited, the people they were waiting on finally appeared and I was kicked.

Which sucks.

I have yet to find a group. People either have done them already and/or have no room for me.

And my guild doesn’t want to do it. In fact, that is why a huge fight broke out. Which ended up in a whole mess of things.

And while in the end, we are still in the guild…it sure doesn’t feel like we’re part of it anymore. I almost wonder if I should’ve just made my own guild.

…but I don’t think anyone would want to join it anyway.

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