Yay codexes!

So, after seeing a friend with Rakghoul’s Bane, a title you get from Kaon, and continuing to not have it yet myself, I sent a ticket to Customer Service. They were very nice 🙂 And I got several Codex-y things fixed.

Ones fixed:
-Raghoul’s Bane
-Sand Rot (Consular)
-The First Son (Consular)


They also mentioned that the following are not supposed to be gotten so I am guessing they have been removed:
-Paladin of House Organa
-Hero of Gorinth Canyon
-Master of the Burning Way
-Liberator of Corellia
-Ice Wars Veteran
-Shadow Hunter
-Venom Drinker

I will probably remove these from my list then. Less confusing that way! Unless someone thinks maybe they should stay? @-@

I may do one more ticket with a full list, but for now, just excited to have some fixed. If you are also missing some codexes that you should have, do contact Customer Service about them and include the specific character and what codexes they are 🙂 And they should be able to help!

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