Thrones and things~

The throne is under 2 million T~T Yay. Must hope it continues to go lower. Shall continue stalking it.

In the meantime, I’ve mostly been trying to figure out what else to do. Don’t really have a good way to earn credits (I could try reverse engineering some stuff on Amidaia, but nobody is going to do materials for 26’s and I don’t have the stuff to make them) which puts a damper on most of my ideas.

Half-tempted to make more edits and make a suggestion thread but I suck at edits and I’m too shy so 😛 (edit: broke down and made a suggestion thread)

Anyway, I got a response from Customer Support about those Cartel Coin Cards (REMEMBER, THEY ARE NOT OUT YET AND STILL BEING FINALIZED)… I don’t remember sending them a question though? Maybe it was about the question I asked in the Q&A?

Regardless, what they said:
1. The pet WILL DEPEND on where you buy it. So yes, you can only get the specific pet from the specific vendor. You will not be able to find that pet at any other vendors.

2. Pricing details are unknown right now (although, the original question did mention like 20 dollars so we shall see…)

3. The pet should be shown on the card with the amount.

I shall continue waiting eagerly for the proper announcement when they start showing up in stores T~T

I think I’ll go on the balloon and pull people up to the sandcrawler randomly again.

Oh, and I learned that is actually something called the Firaxan Shark (aka Firaxa) which explains the shark mount. Interesting.

I’m going to hope for a Pink Dolphin throne next.

8 thoughts on “Thrones and things~

    • Yeah, I know :3 From completing the Timed Run~ I had been wondering if Sharks were actually in Star Wars so I looked it up and not only are they–but there is a specific one which is how the mount got it’s name!


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