Talking forms Ideas

So, I was talking to a friend of mine about how I only needed 1.5 million for the other parts I need (as nobody has RE’d an Advanced Resolve Hilt 26 yet and the other armoring I’d need has to either be the Gloves from EC HM or the Boots from NP) on average (Mettle Mod 26, 2 Quick Savant Enhancement 26) and also 1.5 million to unlock the Zabrak race so I can make my trooper.

Of course, this led me to get into how overpriced it is when I just want more color options. And then it finally hit me as to why. This is because you also unlock the race/species to be used for ANY of the classes–including ones it can’t be used for.

Considering I wanted to use characters already available for the classes I was going to make them for, I ended up making this thread. I kind of hope others agree…plus then maybe I can actually get my Trooper sometime soon.

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