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Cantina Tour + Encyclopedias + Petness

As usual, I will be talking about these in a different order than the title because I almost always do.

I recently received a message that the SWTOR Encylopedia I preordered will be shipping soon! If you are not familiar with it, it is not a guide book for the game, but actually a book that goes further into the writings and stories of the characters. If you’re interested in the lore and the story, you may find this interesting. It is why I got it and maybe also for hints of things to come too! It is written by the various writers of SWTOR so if you enjoy the player stories and companions, there is sure to be something of interest 🙂

Besides that, apparently this is happening! I kind of wish it was a different day in NYCC or at least actually in the building (I have asthma and Manhattan blocks suck >_>), but I guess we’ll see if our schedule can allow it. If it does, I will do my best to update with anything interesting! I really hope we can go, but will just need to see how things will work out.

Finally, someone on our server has gotten the Deep Wriggler. Nobody I know personally (which is probably better as I’d glare at them forever), but it’ll be a little disheartening everytime I see it 🙁 just one pet to go and so close, yet so far away… afterall, it’s not like I can just always go or anything either. To think, there’s a 100% pet and I don’t even think I’ll be able to get that anytime soon… by the time I may finally get to try for it, I bet the drop rate will be changed 🙁