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Evil Heroics

So, while helping out a friend with some heroics on Belsavis, it reminded me just how evil some of them are. I mean, Belsavis is even where we first started getting frustrated with bonuses….

The Tyrant is a lovely example of a way overpowered “boss”. He is ridiculous and even at level 50 with 61’s and 63’s, I was easily being taken down to 30%-50%. THAT ISN’T OKAY. HE’S LEVEL 43 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Even the mobs in there are ridiculous when you even go in with just 2 people.

Speaking of 2 people, Jungle Fight is another particularly cruel one with mobs that should be heroic 4 level despite it being called a heroic 2…and honestly, they respawn very quickly if you are not completely owning them.

Standing Tall was also incredibly evil (from the Belsavis bonus series) until he got nerfed quite a bit.

Voss has 2 pretty cruel heroics for similar reasons as well that I won’t be looking forward to if asked to help…

but why must they be so evil. Seriously. T__T