Spreading Joy and Pets~

So, as what I have usually been doing lately, I went and said in Trade Chat that I was looking for a Tundra Nekarr Cat.

This sparked some pet discussion in general chat of some people looking to buy them and asking about them. And being the pet guide writer on the forum, I WAS ON THIS LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS. XP I may or may not have a pet signal.

Thus, after answering lots of questions, I invited this person to group as to not further bother General Chat. We went through all the pets explaining how to get them 😀 And what pets he can get at level 25 and then to start him in his journey on Pethood, I gave him some of the extras I have been holding for this very kind of purpose (and to help people in the Pet Channel)!

He also joined the Pet Channel 😀 Then I showed him how to hatch an Unusual Egg!


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