Rumors Confirmed :(

Normally I’d be excited, but I’ve managed to get only 3 (4 if we count the Legacy Ram pet) of the new pets and none of them are the random drops and considering the only pet I never managed to get before 1.2 was a random drop, I’m a bit stressed (and it doesn’t help that I’m sick too).

While there has yet to be photo proof of Taunling from Gargath, multiple confirmations have arrived and this is most likely true.

Similarly, photo evidence of one of the Rakling pets has been revealed (see post below) and I wouldn’t be surprised if the other two are available as well now considering the sets of 3 with the Orobirds and Taunling.

We’ve seen Orosquab so I don’t think they’d be lying about where the egg comes from. Though, with this and the Rakling, that makes two kinds of pets from the new flashpoint on HM.

What bothers me the most is nothing was said about new Rakling pets in the flashpoints. How many other new pets may there be without us even knowing? That we may just accidentally stumble upon? The idea of that drives me crazy in itself.

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