Duhtect surprised me with a Tundra Nekarr Cat! T~T WHICH MEANS MY PET COLLECTION IS COMPLETE AGAIN. YAAAAY.


And now we’re doing HM TfB @-@ I got gloves and all the HM Survived by titles so yay! Too bad it’s not a DKP run though–maybe I could’ve used some of it already. 😛 But oh well, at least I got something.

And then we even went to Dreadtooth 😀 YAYNESS. And Tourch was nice and gave me the mask so now I have part of the puzzle! WOO.

And even my boyfriend got to come <3

9 thoughts on “EEEEEE :D

    • Yeah. DKP confuses me lots…but since I have some and people keep telling me I should use it already, I probably should X-x


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