So, my boyfriend surprised me with some Cartel Packs 😀 THUS TIME TO OPEN.

Pack 1:
Advanced Cyan-Blue Endurance Crystal T____T – Up for Trade
Credit Boom T______T – Got 43K

Pack 2:
Longspur STAP Royal – Up for trade
Remote Control Starship – Up for trade

Pack 3:
Stylish Dancer’s Bottom – Up for Trade
Credit Boom – 44K

Pack 4:
Revan’s Chest Plate – For trade
Emote: Menace – For trade

Pack 5:
Advanced Cyan-Blue Endurance Crystal T_______T – Up for Trade
2V-48 Customization – WOULD be for trade XP

Pack 6 (Final Pack):
Stylish Dancer’s Top – For trade
Phantom Lower Body Armor – Phantom Boots + Phantom Lower Robe – For trade

*sad forever*

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