Cartel Market Items

So, SWTOR Spy recently put up a list of items that will be in boxes…

I don’t think all of these will be available immediately (someone in the comments says that some are for later) and I noticed some I got on the test server aren’t there as well so I’m not sure what to think…but it does give a bit of idea.

…so many mounts and pets ._.

Edit: So those are apparently the Super Rare items. Which means a good amount of the pets are “Super Rare”. Super Rare = special bonus item not included of the 3/5.

I’m going to go cry 🙁

One thought on “Cartel Market Items

  1. I think those were all known from data dumps. It’s good that SWTOR Spy is finally updating again but they still don’t quite know what’s going on now 😛


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