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If you are seeing this…

That means you are one of the few people who have an account and are logged in! So, I am going to redirect you over here to the page anyone without an account is currently seeing.

Thank you for liking the blog enough to make an account. It means a lot. I’m prettysure most of you with accounts have my e-mail so feel free to e-mail me to talk about the game at anytime 🙂

I just am so stressed out with things and a bit frustrated/sad when it comes to SWTOR and time is definitely not something I have much of right now. Not to mention even having the money to justify paying a subscription for a game I’m barely even logging into lately.

In general, my faith in MMOs has completely fallen and I just can’t really look at them the same right now.

If you need me, again, just send an e-mail (heck, the contact form should still be up too). Hopefully I will feel like writing/playing again soon.