16-man failure :(

We all tried really hard, but Fabricator was better I suppose. It was a lot of fun and we’ll probably try to finish this weekend, but I am a bit disappointed. But it is pretty late :/ Regardless, I jut feel sad. Wish I could’ve helped more or something.

But because how long it took, we didn’t get to try HM either which means I’m no closer to my gear goal. Similarly, the credit amount I need hasn’t changed either. 🙁 (and if anything, I came out with less stims v-v)

When we finished, I headed over to Hoth ASAP, but it looks like someone already killed Gargath 🙁 Since he should’ve spawned about 11, it means he won’t be back up until 3AM at the earliest (Anywhere between 3 and 4 really as I arrived about an hour late). I just feel…really unlucky today.

I may PVP I guess, but that will just end up making me more sad. However, I don’t have the energy to try and do Lost Island either.

Gonna go to Tatooine and pull people up on the Sandcrawler I guess…might cheer me up a bit.

Edit: So, 2 people actually gave me money and thus, I made 45K while pulling people up. Yay. Besides that, Gargath spawned at about 3:30AM (so 20 minutes before I got to Hoth)…unfortunately, we couldn’t find a tank who could handle it 🙁 so we ended up just giving up… hopefully we can catch him later.

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