The Orobird Mystery

So, thanks to Nyjin on the forums, we have found the Orobird (Or well, one of them at least). It is, indeed, in Alderaan. At the bridge in the Serene Meadow in Alsakan Lowlands. Coordinates are: X: 140, Y: 1810, Z: 209.

Walk next to the lower part of the bridge and position yourself right on top of the straight horizontal log. Jump down onto it and then run across it. Then, jump down to the nest below it. The Orobird Egg appears a little before the egg that is always in the nest.

It IS on a cooldown that lasts 8 hours. (Edit: May have changed to 4 hours on the Live server)

I received an Unusual Egg. It’s possible that the egg is random (you can see what kind it is when you hover over it). This location will always grant the Unusual Egg.

There is still at least 1, most likely 2 (As there’s also the “Wonderous” and “Mysterious” eggs according to databases) so let’s up they are found soon!

(Edit: Hatching Guide here!)

14 thoughts on “The Orobird Mystery

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  2. Have any other egg location been found yet and does anyone have any information where or how to incubate and hatch the unusual egg???? Please please please help me! Thanks!


    • No other egg locations have been found yet, unfortunately. Incubation information is unknown as well at the moment 🙁 I’ll update if either is found out.


      • At least, the unusual egg is being incubated somewhere near the Czerka Base on Tatooine. I don’t know the exact location as I don’t have that egg yet.

        Beware that only the unusual egg can be incubated there. The other eggs need another location to incubate.


        • Yes, as mentioned in a recent entry. @-@

          Considering that nobody knows where the other eggs are yet though, I don’t know if that’s confirmed that they need different ones or not yet.


          • To hatch the egg you take it to the Czerka base in the southern Dune Sea. Outside of the base there are what look to be solar panels behind it. Near the solar panels there is a weird machine linked to a generator. stand under the super solar machine and your egg with hatch. You need to get the refreshing water buff from a hydro tower to survive the heat though.


          • We know 🙂 There is a recent entry about how to hatch it. Though, I guess I should link to it in this post since this post seems to be popular @-@ So I’ve done that now.


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  4. Just confirmed the Cool down of the egg is 4 hours 🙂 watched the egg reappear for a guildie after I had gotten mine earlier in the day.


    • You don’t need to camp it. You can always go back later. However, the time seems to fluxate a little sometimes so you might want to.


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